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All Reviews

Roberta T
September 2022
I like the newsletter with tips and news about updates. Very helpful and user-friendly.
Daniel D
September 2022
Great service.
Jared A
September 2022
Loyalty Loop has saved our butts on more than one occasion. When we think an account is going just fine, sometimes we find out, from the survey, that we are not doing as well as we could be doing. It gives us the opportunity to correct the issues before the customer fires us. I just wish there was a way to get people to stop basing their survey on issues beyond 6-8 eight weeks, even though it says to base it off of recent experience.
Shawn P
September 2022
You always do a great job and have employees who really care. It's impressive and rare these days.
Nathaniel G
September 2022
We have been using for a few months now and like the way that it integrates with our PSV MIS system. It makes the ease of use wonderful and hands free. We have seen an increase in job closure and our ratings on google.
Jim L
August 2022
Good, speedy service. Reports are useful.
Kris W
August 2022
Overall, we love that this takes an aspect of our customer service off of our plate. We do feel like sometimes we get "negative" reviews based on customer responses that aren't always that negative, but we take those case by case. We love that we can easily respond to Google Reviews and post testimonials right from the website.
Dave D
August 2022
Your system works as perfectly as I work it.
Tracy P
August 2022
Great opportunity to thank those that review us poaitively and a great opportunity to reach out to the few that have had an issue with our service or product. Thank you... George
Ginny B
July 2022
Thanks for making it easy to get feedback from our customers!