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Teresa G
November 2021
The platform is easy to use. The people have always been helpful when I have called in.
Stephen M
November 2021
We see Loyalty Loop as a window into our customers true accountability with respect to our products and services. Customer tend to be more open to a third party. This also provides us opportunity to learn about issues with a customer and address and mitigate effects improving overall outcomes.
Florence D
November 2021
Loyalty Loop helps our company track our customer feedback and satisfaction..
Bob B
November 2021
We have been using your customer survey app since August 2011. The survey's ease of use presented to the customer combined with the feedback portal results that LOYALTY LOOP offers has been nothing short of transformative. Your service has helped improve the quality of our business process over the last 10 years.
Marinna L
November 2021
really enjoy the comments back from the customers
Abby D
November 2021
Great program, easy to use & very user friendly!
Ryan H
November 2021
Really helps us keep up to date with our patients and allows us to address any issues much sooner than without LoyaltyLoop, because many patients do not express their challenges to us up front.
Johnny T
October 2021
Paying your invoice each month is one of best investments we make.
Jane B
October 2021
The team is extremely responsive and timely in all they do. They also are always looking at ways to improve! The survey results have helped us to connect with customers, both happy and unhappy, and explore opportunities to improve.
Steven S
September 2021
LoyaltyLoop keeps me and my business connected with my customers - It is one of the easiest way to gather facts from my customers.